It’s More Than A Watch It’s A Kit

If you’re a man on the go then invest in products that can keep up with you. The SIT watch is NOT about making a fashion statement or simply telling the time. It provides you with versatile yet simple solutions.

The Contents Of The Kit

The kit itself has been carefully considered from its inception to be useful in every possible way. It includes everything you need.

  • The original strap is made from high-quality genuine leather. It’s perfect for daily wear.
  • The second strap was specifically designed to warn you about harsh sun conditions, so you can protect yourself.
  • The third strap was created to absorb mosquito repellent, which eliminates the need to spray it directly onto your skin.
  • Lastly, the band designed to relieve motion sickness can be worn alongside the watch.
  • The kit comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that you can refer to at any time.
  • It also includes 4 quick-release spring bars for the straps.

The Watch That Suits Your Lifestyle

When bringing the SIT concept to life, the idea of travelling was at the forefront. There was a realisation that so many people travel constantly, for work and leisure. It’s become a contemporary lifestyle choice for many.

With so many individuals becoming entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers, things are changing. It’s no longer about products that simply look good; it’s about providing solutions for the modern man. That’s how the idea of including multiple straps came about. Each one does a different job that saves time, energy and money. 

The Art Of Packing Light

Long gone are the days of carrying excess luggage, nowadays less really is more. For a short business trip, city break or holiday it’s far more convenient to pack less so you can enjoy more.

Taking a carry on luggage makes it quicker to check in and it means no more waiting at the luggage belt. It’s easy to transport your bag, so you can simply hop on public transport from the airport to the city, which will save you overpriced taxi fare.

The SIT box is 28cm-9cm-5cm, which means it will slot into your luggage with ease. It’s made from light aluminium so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your bag.

The Kit Is Full Of Surprises

The SIT kit was planned out to be useful, reusable and functional, in as many ways as possible. The best part is you will no longer lose important items and it will save you time having to rummage through your luggage to find them.

The case is designed to shield the watch inside but it doesn’t stop there. It will protect anything small you choose to place in it once you start wearing the watch. The box itself can be used to store anything from your toiletries to your passport, simply remove the foam inside. This not only gives it a second life but its aluminium case is useful for protecting important contents.

Take Your Kit On Your Global Travels

The straps will be useful in many situations from hiking to biking and of course while in transit.

Humid, tropical locations usually mean two things, sunburn and mosquitos.  Whether you’re heading on a South American adventure or a trip around South East Asia, the UV warning strap and mosquito-repelling strap will be beneficial.

Take Care On Your Trip

The motion sickness bracelet can be worn throughout your travels. If you’re embarking on a rigorous journey, which includes various modes of transport, then you probably know that motion sickness can strike when you least expect it. Why take the risk, when it’s as easy as putting on a band that comes in the SIT kit.

A Unique Concept

The entire process of creating the SIT kit was to conceive something unique. It’s not simply about a watch; it’s a way of life.

Everything is shifting towards becoming environmentally friendly. That’s why the box doubles as a mini storage solution so there’s no need for useless, wasteful packaging. The multiple straps are perfect for a man with a busy schedule, so that less time is spent worrying about the little things.

Wear Your Watch Anywhere

The beauty of the watch is that it can be worn throughout different situations when a regular watch would fall short.

  • The neutral dial and classic leather strap ensure you can wear it at work or on the weekend.
  • Impress your friends on your next holiday by taking it a step further and pulling out your kit. They’ll be thankful when they avoid sunburn because your watch warns you.
  • Wear it through a sports session, it’s lightweight so you won’t feel a thing.

Get this special watch concept that infuses timeless Swiss design and futuristic problem-solving. The SIT watch will amaze you when you least expect it, which is a part of the package.

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