Smart Travel Solutions For The Modern Man

Some say travelling broadens your horizons and expands your mind, for others, it’s simply a time to relax and unwind. Whatever the reason behind your upcoming trip, make the most of it by travelling light.

Swap Your Suitcase For A Backpack

The key to convenience and comfort during your trip is to pack light. If you’re planning to travel extensively it can become challenging to drag a huge suitcase behind you. When you’re in a location without much infrastructure, it can be a struggle to move around with a lot of baggage, this is when a dedicated backpack would be useful. Just imagine cities with cobbled streets or even worse, no streets. So try packing smart and feel the difference.

The first rule of thumb is to make a checklist of all the things that you undeniably need. It might sound obvious but remember back to all the times you realized that you forgot your toothbrush, or even worse your passport. Having a list will save you time, money and alleviate unnecessary last-minute stress.


Carry On Bags Will Save You Time And Money

Low-cost airlines almost always charge for checked luggage, which is why it’s more cost efficient to limit yourself to a cabin bag, it’s cheaper and lighter. It’s no secret that with certain airlines, luggage fees can end up costing more than the flight itself. If you’re taking a trip around Europe or Asia you’ll be thankful that you made the decision to limit your luggage. It’s much easier to hop around a continent with an 8kg bag, compared to a 20kg suitcase.

Possibly the best part of only taking a carry-on bag is that you no longer have to stand around waiting to collect your luggage when you land. You can simply start your adventure.


Limit Your Liquids

The fact is you’ll have to limit everything from your liquids to your clothes, which isn’t easy, but it’s a solution. Transfer your liquids from your shampoo to your sunscreen into smaller bottles, since your restricted to a certain amount of liquid in your carry-on bag. 

Take a limited amount of sunscreen; you can always buy more during your trip. The first SIT strap will notify you when the sun becomes too strong so you can take action. Most people forget that there are other ways to take precautions besides slathering yourself in sunscreen. Covering up or heading into the shade is also effective at stopping sunburn.

Prevent mosquito bites by spraying the second SIT strap to avoid the pesky insects. It also saves you from having to carry repellent everywhere since it lasts for about 3 hours.

Another key problem is travel sickness, some take pills while others drink remedies, either way, these solutions take up space. That’s why the motion sickness bracelet is ideal; you can wear it throughout your journey. It will fast become your new favourite accessory since it prevents you from feeling nauseous no matter how rigorous your adventure gets.

How To Carry Less And Relax More

It’s easy to assume that you need mountains of clothes when you go travelling. The truth is that you probably won’t wear half of it. You don’t really need several pairs of shoes or multiple t-shirts in the same colour. Select clothes you can alternate for different activities. Cut everything down so you have a capsule collection of easy-to-match outfits. You don’t need to take more than one watch, the SIT watch has interchangeable straps and the clean design means it will look great no matter what you pair it with.

  • Consider what clothing is best for the location you’re visiting. Hot weather is ideal since linen and cotton shirts are light and don’t take up much space.
  • For colder weather layering is key, so don’t feel the need to pack multiple thick, heavy jumpers. Instead, pack a few t-shirts to layer under your jumper.
  • Assess what you really need. Question whether it’s absolutely necessary to take 5 versions of jeans. You’ll most likely wear the same pair throughout the week and then wash them.

The Ultimate Travel Kit

The SIT watch is more than a fashion statement; it was designed to compliment your travels. That’s why there are multiple straps included in the kit.  Each has its own part to play, while the box was designed to house your small easy-to-lose items such as your phone cable. The carefully designed watch has multiple purposes, which makes it the ultimate travel watch.

The best part is that your SIT travel kit will save you space while catering to your needs and providing you with practical concepts. The various straps have been refined with your travel needs in mind. Travelling light gives you control and most importantly it’s better your body. Hauling heavy luggage from trains and planes to your hotel isn’t the best thing for your back or your sanity, so try our tips for your next adventure. 

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