The Watch You Can Wear Anywhere, Anytime

The SIT Watch isn’t just about practicality; it infuses classic Swiss design with ingenious problem-solving. The ultimate companion for anyone with a busy lifestyle travelling around the world, who doesn’t want to compromise their style.


A Fusion Of Fashion And Functionality

The simple, understated design concept was carefully refined with your taste in mind. It’s just the right amount of sporty and sophisticated. The minimalistic design makes it adaptable in multiple situations. The main reason the dial is neutral is so that you can wear it with anything, anywhere.

Select Your Watch Of Choice

In essence, the SIT watch comes in two versions so you can select the one that reflects your personal taste.

  • The Swiss Edition (on the left) is characterised by its black dial and black aluminium box. Black is not only timeless, but it oozes confidence. It’s the ideal colour to match your suits, as well as your weekend-wear.
  • The Classic Edition (on the right) comes with a white dial and grey aluminium box. This option is classic and smart. The traditional tone exudes taste. It’s perfect for pairing with your summer clothes for your upcoming holidays.

Wear Your Watch In Formal Situations

Versatility is at the core of the design. It’s subtle enough to match with any of your professional-wear or formal shirts for dinner. The simple dial adds to the elegance, it’s not too chunky, heavy or noticeable. The appearance was fine-tuned so that it’s wearable no matter what your lifestyle entails.

Whether you work in an office where you have to wear formal attire or if you’re lucky enough to get away with a t-shirt and jeans, this watch will compliment you. The slim leather strap and polished dial combine into a design that can be dressed up or down.


Compliment Your Casual Style

No matter what your weekend plans involve, the SIT watch will fit in perfectly. The stainless steel and leather combination ensure durability. Now you can head to the park, the beach or go on a weekend escapade without having to think twice about what watch to wear. It coordinates well with chinos and shirt, or your favourite tracksuit; there are no style rules. You decide.

Your New Travel Companion

Regardless if you are headed on a quick city break or a summer-long travelling adventure, this watch is sure to come in handy. The kit itself is compact and light, so you can pack it in your carry on luggage. For those who travel often or pack light, it’s ideal to have a watch that is multi-style and multifunctional. It saves space and saves time trying to consider which watch to take.


The Interchangeable Strap Solution

The multiple strap solution was conceived to solve some of the most common issues most people are faced with when they head abroad.

The SIT kit comes packed with 4 straps that you can swap when you feel the need to. The original leather strap can be your go-to for a modern yet timeless aesthetic. The remaining 3 straps were created to solve some well-known problems.

  • The UV strap provides you with a warning as soon as the sun becomes too strong. Then you can work out the best solution, whether that involves heading to the shade or whipping out the SPF 50.
  • The anti-mosquito strap absorbs repellent, which is ideal for any tropical locations you may be visiting. It saves you having to carry the entire bottle of spray with you. Simply reapply the repellent every few hours.
  • Lastly, the motion sickness band alleviates nausea when travelling. It comes in the form of a separate band so that you can wear it simultaneously with your watch.

In case you were wondering, no tools are required to change the straps. The intelligent mechanism has been specially designed to release the strap quickly and easily. The idea is that you can effortlessly swap the straps in any given situation.

An Insight Into The Construction And Materials Used

The materials used in the manufacturing of the SIT Watch were carefully selected. The kit provides various solutions, so it was constructed with all the necessary components to operate seamlessly.

  • The case is made from 316L stainless steel.
  • The glass is Mineral HR900.
  • The Swiss edition contains a Ronda 715 Swiss movement and a Miyota 1513 Japan movement is used in the Classic edition.
  • The straps included are made from a range of materials. 2 of them are crafted from genuine leather, while one is made from Nato and then finally the last one is made from fabric.

No matter where you plan on wearing your watch, its resourcefulness will surely blow you away. The kit itself is ideal for travelling, sports and leisure. Wear it through a busy week full of meetings and then witness how it transitions perfectly into the weekend and beyond.

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